Ecton Village Primary Academy benefits from a well-resourced and spacious Early Years environment. We have two large, linked classroom areas and a dedicated outdoor space where our children have access to wide range of learning opportunities.

The Academy’s Pre-School is integrated into the Reception Class. Pre-School children are able to join the class every day from 8.30-3.15 and are welcome from the age of 3.

Whether your child joins us on their first day in Reception, or as soon as they turn 3, we recognise that every child is different so we are flexible in our approach to a child’s first session and their settling in phase. The aim is for the child to separate from the main carer without support and with some children this happens almost instantly, others take several sessions. We will work with you and assess your child’s needs in order to help them to settle in as easily and quickly as possible.

Daily routines combined with opportunities for child-led learning ensure that every moment your child spends in our Early Years setting is meaningful and purposeful; they are given every opportunity to learn, grow and develop academically, emotionally and physically.

The children’s progress is overseen by our Early Years Leader and you have the opportunity to attend regular parents’ evenings and open mornings. All of their learning is documented on the Tapestry platform so you can ‘check in’ each day to see what they have up to.

If your child attends our pre-school, the transition into the reception class is seamless as the children are familiar with the environment, the staff and the daily routines. Moving up into KS1 in our small village school is smooth – the children know the teachers and already have friends in other classes – in our school every child is known by everybody. Our older children enjoy supporting our youngest children and are often found reading them stories at play time or teaching them how to hoola-hoop! We really are a family.

If you would like to know more about our pre-school or our reception class please contact the school and we will arrange a time to meet you and introduce you to our setting.