Our intent at Ecton Village Primary Academy is for our curriculum to be both academically ambitious and nurturing. Our curriculum is designed to meet, at a minimum, the requirements of the National Curriculum and enables increasing proportions of learners to progress well in all year groups, across all subjects and attain at least ARE combined in Reading, Writing and Maths by the end of KS2.

The curriculum offer includes a defined entitlement that enriches experience through a full a spectrum curriculum in which the Arts are as important as English and Maths. The curriculum progressively builds and deepens knowledge, understanding and skills across the years.

We aim to develop independent, curious learners who can persevere. We aspire to instil the values of Independence, Resilience, Ambition, Co-operation and Honesty (I REACH): to give children the skills to succeed in whatever they do, across all areas of school life and beyond.

Our approach to pedagogy is underpinned by small steps learning and consolidation of key skills within a knowledge rich curriculum. Small class sizes allow for personalized planning and a range of assessment strategies; thus ensuring children of all abilities are supported and challenged. This means that we embrace both carefully sequenced discrete and thematic learning that allows the use of a wide range high quality fiction and non-fiction texts where appropriate. Praise underpins all that we do in order to build positive and meaningful relationships with all learners.

At Ecton Village Primary Academy we recognise the importance of tailoring our curriculum to the needs of the learners and families in our school community. We therefore ensure that there is a focus on:

  • Vocabulary broadening across the curriculum
  • Intentionally planned opportunities to learn outside
  • Opportunities to have a voice and be involved in decision making
  • A wide range of experiences within and beyond school
  • Encouraging families to work in partnership with us to realise our aim of successfully helping each child to achieve their full potential.

If you require any further information about the curriculum our school is following please see the individual subject pages or contact us using the form provided here.