Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities



Our after-school club is run by Miss Laundon and operates from 3.15pm until 5pm Monday to Friday during term time.  As well as organising our wrap around care, Miss Laundon works full time as a TA in our school. She is well known and well-liked by all of our children and she provides an excellent standard of care and a range of engaging opportunities for children of all ages. All years are welcome, including our Pre Schoolers. During this time children have the opportunity to get creative and have some fun!

Some of the activities offered are:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Dance
  • Outdoor play
  • Friday film nights
  • Board games
  • Lego and construction play
  • Computer games
  • Seasonal/festive/cultural activities
  • Outdoor play

During club the children are provided with a healthy balanced snack some of these include:

  • Jacket potato with a selection of toppings
  • Pasta in a variety of flavours- tomato and basil, cheese and ham
  • Hotdogs and popcorn on a Friday with a film
  • Chicken wraps with salad
  • Toasties
  • Pancakes with chocolate spread and banana
  • Raisins, yoghurts, brioche and cucumber sticks
  • Waffles and nuggets
  • Pizza

Bookings can be made via Parent Mail app under daily clubs new or by contacting the office. The cost of afterschool club is just £6 a session. We ask that all bookings are made at least 48 hours in advance, though we recognise that emergencies happen and we will always do our best to support families when we need to.