Hello! Every week, I am lucky to be taken home by one of the children in Hedgehog's class! How great is that? I hope to show you some pictures and stories about my travels that the children will write with me! I can't wait for the adventures to come!

Roo goes on walkabout

Hello there, my name is Roo! I am a blue kangaroo. I have always been Lily's favourite....until she got some new toys! I heard some fantastic stories about your school so I decided to come and visit you.

When I arrived there was nobody here! So I thought I would have a walk around the school to find someone to play with. It was empty! Great! I could wander around and nobody would know I was even here. So, I wandered around quietly and took a few selfies as part of my travels around your classrooms. I am even going to start my own blog very soon so you will be able to follow me as I go home with some of you!

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